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Current Research

Marine Radiocarbon Reservoir Age

   --- This is work in progress --- check back frequently for additions.

- Explore and generate tables of the reservoir age dataset (Butzin et al.) using the Google Map API:

  • See the new version HERE. Please be patient, it sometimes takes a minute to serve all 500+ markers.
  • Internet Explorer (versions 6 and prior) and AOL Explorer users: Due to various well documented IE deficiencies (fixed in IE7), please use the simplified version HERE.

- OR explore our various datasets, including reservoir age, in your copy of Google Earth:

  • Install Google Earth if you don't already have it. (free from
  • Right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) to download this Google Earth KMZ file: fairbanks.kmz
  • Click on the downloaded file (fairbanks.kmz) on your computer to open Google Earth.
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